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The practice of crafting art from the materiel of war can be traced back to the Napoleonic Wars of the 19th Century. MORE...
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Exhibits & Artifacts

exhibitsThe Centre’s main gallery takes visitors on a journey through the history of the Mounted Police and its evolution from a frontier police to a modern police force known the world over.

Facility Booking

bookingYou can book our facilities for just about anything including weddings, media conferences, fundraisers, and more.


eventsCatch the Sergeant Major’s Parade and other live events happening weekly at RCMP Academy “Depot” Division.

Educators & Groups

educationOur mandate is to tell the RCMP story and therefore “educate” people about the Force and its role in shaping this great country.

Support RCMP HC

supportThe RCMP Heritage Centre is an independent non-profit charitable organization that works with many generous and dedicated friends and donors.

More about RCMPHC

moreLocated on the doorstep of RCMP Academy, “Depot” Division - the story of the RCMP is appropriately told where Cadets are trained and the story begins.

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RCMP_HC Congratulations Sgt. Derek McDonald on receiving a 2015 Public Hero Award! www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/on/community-communaute/2015/public-hero-eng.htm #RCMP pic.twitter.com/QXBjfjqxSN
01:57PM Apr 25
RCMP_HC Congratulations to all the people who became new Canadians at a ceremony at the Centre yesterday! #yqr #canada pic.twitter.com/tz7TPsl67o
02:34PM Apr 24